Friday, December 3, 2010

Voice of ruggedman from radio continental programme, wating dey................

On the first of December rugged man was interviewed on a radio, relating to the question asked by the presenters ruggedman explained how 9ice is not being nice by keeping quiet on the popular issue. He continued by stating that 9ice is using the issue as a strategy to sell his album, which did didn’t make wave at first. He gave an instance by saying a
“if someone said it seems you did something and you keep quiet for along time it could lead to the person accepting yeah he did it”. Rugged also said felt he could help a brother that he felt has got talent not knowing he’s going to try and tarnish his own image.
“ so my question is why is he quiet for four months?
After a lot of calls and comments on the program, the presenter are forced to call 9ice and he said he will be available after coming back from his trip to calabar. Stay tune to radio continental for more fun and information.

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