Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kelly Hansome Releases New Diss ‘Finish You Boy’ Track at M.I.

Kelly Hansome is apparently not done with the feud that began last year with M.I..  Following M.I.’s  rap where he said “See dis wowo boy dey form Handsome, Kelechukwu clap for yourself… weldone!” on the ‘Beef’ track with Tuface on his latest album – MI2. Kelly Hansome released a track titled ‘Finish You Boy’ via his Twitter page yesterday. He took a jab at the entire Chocolate City team. Download:
Remember the feud ensued when Kelly Hansome caught wind of M.I.’s rap in the ‘Fast Money, fast cars’ track on M.I.’s debut album. Kelly Hansome still went on to release a diss track after M.I. said they had a talk and he made sure he didn’t find it offensive. Kelly Hansome’s diss was also targeted at the Mo’Hits Crew and Terry G, it was rather an attention seeking attempt and the ‘Igwe kom Kom’ track did go viral with support of music sharing blog: NotjustOk (it was made exclusive to them).
However Jesse jagz and Ice prince have reacted, taking to twitter.
Jesse Jags wrote: “Heard kelly hansome’s new diss song. Lmfao. We shld actually hire him as our publicist. Lmao. Its sad that no one even cares” then followed with: “On second thot, I wouldn’t even hire him as my publicist cuz the song sucks. I wasted three mins of my life listening to it”.
Ice Prince Zamani wrote: “Kelly Hansome… Seriously?” then  “Dear Kelly Hansome: thesame dudes g#!@%*#in u up come around to beg on your behalf and @ thesame time #!@%*# talk you. I still have all the conversations

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